Our office propose you e-consultation, phone consultation in the urgent case and office appointment  in the areas of our practice. 

For e-consultation, we will answer you within 2 working days from the reception of your payment if there is no urgency.


Our prices  


  • The first writing e-consultation costs 150 euros without VAT
  • The urgent consultation by phone (20 min.) costs 72 euros .
  • The simple consultation in the office is 120 € without VAT, it can be free of charge if the attorney files your processing and works with you. The honorary contract will be signed between parties.

Our invoice can be increased if the consultation is given in foreign language and we need to do more research. 




If the question is complexe, requiring some research work, we will address you an e-mail within 48 hours after the reception of your question, pointing out the corresponding fees.


For any further information about our case, please use the attached form : 

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