Labor law
Legal assistance in the field of labor relations;
Assistance of the French employers searching for partners;
Advice and personnel training;
Contact of Executive and Administrative Bodies;
Conclusion and breach of labor contracts.

Corporate law

Information on the registration process for a new business in France,
Relationship with public organizations,
International Commercial Arbitration, 
Representation of interests in court proceedings.

International private and family law
Representation in the French courts for citizens of former CIS countries,
Terms and Conditions of the Marriage Contract,
Cancellation, reduction or increase of alimony.

French immigration law  
Admission and residence conditions for foreign nationals in France,
Coordination of business plans and actions for CIS nationals, 
Employment of foreign nationals, 
Visa assistance and citizenship.

Criminal law
Defense in the Court against infraction citations, 
Litigation in transport law.

Civil law

Terms and condition of Contract, 
Tort law and Personal injury,

Property torts, etc.